Crank banned book

Kristina takes a trip to see her father for the summer. Probably — to get a message out there. Would you recommend it.

BBW Day 7- Crank by Ellen Hopkins

I might even have an author interview or two. Kristina spends the following days going through the symptoms of drug withdrawal. How she started getting high in middle school, mostly as a way to deal with her alcoholic mother's absence. For example, Hopkins was "Banned from speaking at an Oklahoma middle school because of the appropriateness of her subject matter.

She is a straight-A honor roll student and decides to visit her father for three weeks. After going to Planned Parenthoodshe realizes Brendan is actually the father.

Between my dislike for that form of poetry, and the fact that I just can't read poetry blaming high school English for thatit seemed like a good choice.

Crank: Banned Book Essay

There's offensive language, but that seems superfluous. Kristina goes to see the antagonist Brendan, asking for more crank.

BBW Day 7- Crank by Ellen Hopkins

As for being sexually explicit, let me give you some spoilers. But then it led her into a special sort of hell. Posted by Moonlit Librarian at 3: Is it appropriate for teens. Hopkins' own daughter's descent into drug use.

I admit that I am vehemently anti-drugs and although I agree whole-heartedly that there should be more education about what is out there, at points it felt like the more pleasurable parts of taking drugs was focused on.

The timing was exceptional, if unintentional. If the drug user were really in the place where they say they are, than they were most likely not reading this book.

The man selling her the drugs ends up raping her. Knowing she has a baby on the way Kristina decides to completely sober up and stops using drugs. Humble, Texas is a suburb of Houston, and every other year the Humble Independent School District organizes a teen literature festival.

Publishers Weekly praised Hopkins, saying, "The author is definitely on a mission, she creates a world nearly as consuming and disturbing as the titular drug. Is this appropriate for young children.

It's written for teens, about a teen, based on a real teen girl. And so, in honor of Banned Books WeekI give you: All these issues affect children. The poem has now been picked up as the manifesto for Banned Books Week, the annual American celebration of the freedom to read, which kicks off on Saturday and which will see hundreds of libraries.

Of the books challenged or banned inthe Top 10 Most Challenged Books are: Thirteen Reasons Why written by Jay Asher Originally published inthis New York Times bestseller has resurfaced as a controversial book after Netflix aired a TV series by the same name.

Sep 30,  · Unlike last year, I'm taking Banned Books Week seriously here and reviewing a book that has been banned and challenged.I recently listened to the audiobook version of Crank by Ellen Hopkins, and realized that it was perfect for this feature. It has been challenged for drugs, offensive language, and being sexually Author: Moonlit Librarian.

Books Challenged or Banned inby Robert P. Doyle. This bibliography represents books () along with the two other titles in the “Crank Trilogy” after a parent complained about the sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol in the book.

Duval County public school libraries have a banned books list of ten literary works. Sep 30,  · Banned Books Week: Crank, by Ellen Hopkins Unlike last year, I'm taking Banned Books Week seriously here and reviewing a book that has been banned and challenged.

I recently listened to the audiobook version of Crank by Ellen Hopkins, and realized that it Author: Moonlit Librarian. Where/Why It’s Been Banned: Unfortunately Hopkins’ book, Crank, along with her other books have been banned too many times in too many places.

To add insult to injury, Hopkins has even been dis-invited to the Teen Lit Fest in Humble, Texas. To simplify this I’m including this link to an.

Crank banned book
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